It Is Never too Late for that First Book as told by Anna Hammond (93)

Anna Hammond’s Dream Fulfilled

As a teacher of college English, I always had a desire to someday write a novel. I wanted it to be fiction but with meaning and purpose. However, I was always too busy and had other responsibilities. After moving here to my assistant living facility, and being alone in my comfortable apartment, with almost no responsibilities; with enough action or quiet as I chose, I began looking through my short stories and poems. Additionally, I could look out my rear bay window and see most days my beautiful surroundings; a spacious patio with many flowering plants,surrounded by a green lawn and a large backyard of trees and woods. In the fall when the tree leaves fell, i could see a lake beyond that… I became convinced that I had to write. One night, a story began forming in my mind and it haunted me. It played in my mind, day and night . I told myself , “I can’t write now. I’m too old. I have limited computer skills. I don’t even write very well now. I will have to hire a typist and dictate most of what I write.” I bought five legal – size writing pads and began writing almost everyday and part of the night, furiously. I wrote outlines, themes, , created characters, plots, locations, etc. I soon had written on all five of the tablets.I hired a typist and continued to write, edit, rewrite, until it was finished. I soon learned that I had to self-publish. I bought a publishing package. I love my book “Sarah and the Soldier’s Tin Box ,” my dream fulfilled. Now I want as many readers as possible to read it. It does have meaning.

It is the middle of the night in a European village as Jacob Schmidt trudges through the snow to summon the midwife to help his wife give birth. A short time later, Sarah Schmidt enters the world—the long-awaited answer to their dream of having a child. There is no question she is a miracle baby.
The Industrial Revolution has transformed life into a time of discovery and inventions. As Sarah grows up, her village also grows and changes. When destiny leads her to marry a fellow villager, Sarah believes they will live happily-ever-after–until he tragically dies. After her path crosses with that of a colonel stationed in Europe, they quickly fall in love, marry, and have two children. As war looms and her husband is called back to active duty, he tells her his private papers are tucked away in a tin box under their bed. Two years later, he perishes. When Sarah finally opens the tin box, she finds a shocking secret that eventually leads her to a coal mining town in middle America—and to accomplish endeavors she never imagined.
In this historical saga, a young woman battles obstacles, endures tragedies, and searches for lasting love as her life’s journey leads her from Europe to America during a time of great change.
A rare glimpse at the world through the eyes of a nonagenarian. It is about relationships, building on a solid set of good-natured characters, beginning during the Industrial Revolution in Europe and ending in a coal mining town in Midwest America….” Amy Oberlin, journalist, Herald Republican

EXERPT from the first part of the book:

A loud cry from the bedroom brought Jacob back to the present. He bolted from the table, knocking over his chair, and he rushed through the door just as Mrs. Wilson shouted, “Mr. Schmidt, you and Claire have a beautiful little girl with strong movements and a loud cry. She has lots of black hair. When she gets color in her eyes, I hope they’re blue,” she said, laughing with her mouth wide open.

Almost in a stare, Jacob and Claire looked at each other in a soft, quiet, and blank expression. They could hardly believe that their ten-year dream had now numbed their very souls, simply frozen in stillness—an epiphany. “Stay there, the midwife instructed Jacob, “and I will finish washing and dressing—”

“Sarah Elizabeth Schmidt,” Claire and Jacob quickly interrupted.

Anna Hammond is a 93 year old writer who earned a master’s degree, taught high school and university composition and literature, traveled in a motor home across America, crossed the ocean to visit several countries, and lived comfortably in Florida for twenty years. Anna currently resides in an assisted living facility in Angola, Indiana. This is her first book. Read about her on the biography page.