Your Presence by Deborah Ray

It was your presence in my life that changed me
you woke up the spirit that dwells in my soul
you gave lots of reasons to make life worth living
you’ve unlocked the mysteries to making me whole.

You’ve unraveled life’s knots that were tangled and twisted
with a gentleness I’ve never known
you’ve smoothed out my bitterness and erased my sadness
with the magic touch you’ve so mercifully shown.

You brought out the real passion inside of me
like a slender strand of
fine laid gold
you planted the seeds of the woman you knew I could be
so I could step out and stand on my own.

I miss all the ways that you would help me
how patient you had to be
you modeled the behaviors I needed to mold me
to convey the beautiful woman I know I now see.

I thank God it was you He sent to me
to face the addictions I always denied
I will cherish your memory forever
no other person has made me feel so alive!
With Love