When Darkness Falls by Michelle Burke

I opened my eyes to twilight
I had slept the day away.
I told myself I need the rest
That sleeping was Okay.

Then I looked around and
Everything sank in
I was back where I had started
I was alone again.

I tried to tell myself
It was a lesson learned
But the hurt and disappointment
Began to deeply burn.

I took a chance on believing
I took a chance on fate
I took a chance on hope
And told myself to wait

I waited and waited
But the end game never came
And once again I am sitting
Here alone again.

It would have been forever
That I waited day by day
But I decided it was too much
And so, I pulled away

I knew there would be moments
Where there would be ache and pain
But oh, I did not anticipate
The level it would gain.

To think upon my age and years
And how it leads to fear
And how only the hollow thumping
Of my lonely heart, I hear.
I watch the sky turn purple
And then descend to gray
To now the skies deep ending
Of another hum drum day

The house it rings with silence
And the shadows the grow deep
Within these white washed modern walls
Is a spell they watchful keep

The ghost of past encounters
Swirl and whisper now
They ask me over and over
How could you risk it how?

A foolish wish, a maiden’s dream
Not meant for a crones old frame
Not my face inside his dreams
Not whispering my name

Dreams of gowns and golden rings
Now ring of delusion and foolish things
Acceptance, hope and love unbroken
Now only speak of promises broken

The sky turns dark
The shadows fall
Within the world I am very small

There is only here with
With white prison walls
Now tossed aside
The broken doll
No ring on phone
No knock-on door
I am the ghost
I exist no more.

I close the shade
Accept the blame
And tell myself
Never again

This pain it renders
All useless now
I live no more
I have forgotten how.

Michelle Burke
September 2017