The Underdogs by Jen Persichetti

the feelings never fade.
you know the ones…

the dreams of becoming “one of them”
thinking your life would be better if you were…

you wonder if you’ll ever escape the need to fit in
but what does that mean anyway?
– “FIT IN”

aren’t we all in this together?
or so they want us to believe…

i guess the world wouldn’t be quite right without the Misfit
we are popular in our own right –

we are the ones wearing the beanies
and the tight pants… black of course

you know the kind –

we stay in on friday nights
they go out and live for the night

we can’t live without our tea and book
they prefer vodka…straight
and the company of their own

we’ll never be one of them…and that’s okay
we’ll fight the good fight and live to tell why

— the anthem of the underdogs

Copyright 2018 Jen Persichetti