The Night by Suzy Davies

I love the night,
dark enclosed spaces,
when the mind can wander
to any places,
when reality shifts
imagination walks in,
and you may dream
most anything.

Nothing’s impossible
when darkness’s hand
draws phantasmal shapes
to comprehend,
and space transforms
to the infinite,
when shadows loom
in the dead of night.

I love the night
the drifting stars,
lanterns of the firmament,
in constellations.
The clouds which swim
across the sky,
dance with the moon,
a crescent, on high

And in the garden,
when darkness comes,
the glimmer of distant, scattered
homes –
the lights of cars
on ribbons of roads,
heading for somewhere,
along the coast.

I love the night,
the windswept shore,
the creek of the wind
on the old town pier –
and lights’ reflections
on the homecoming tide
the laughter of couples,
in love with the night.
Copyright Suzy Davies, 22/08/2017. All Rights Reserved, No Copying.