The Grass that Sways by Kelli J. Gavin

When the grass sways in the mighty wind and brushes my ankles and my legs
I fondly remember a simpler time when I thought being outside was my job

When dirt was something to seek and I knew all the birds by name
Because they kindly called out to me each morning to come and play

My sister and I would join in the fun a few neighbor kids by our side
We would run and play and sing and shout and chase each day away

I now find myself lingering outdoors and seeking out the wind and the rain
The sun and even the shade because I miss what I had when I was a kid

Nothing to distract me from the fun of each new day when dishes and laundry
And meals seemed to be ready for me I know it was all done by my mom

I thank her for enabling my sister and I to take in all the sights and sounds
Of which our country home offered to us in abundance each and every day

Our mom insisted that we be kids and enjoy all the nature that surrounded
Us on every side and in every season Oh how I loved my job as a kid

Today I will explore
Today I will walk in the fields
Today I will pick flowers
Today I will enjoy the grass that sways