The Girl with the Broken Trust Account by Dave Dutton Fraser (Over 18)

The Girl with the Broken Trust Account
I see all those deceptive withdrawals of trust,
From the joint account you shared with men
Left your vault empty, collecting only lone dust
But remember I made a deposit back then.

You doubt my true feelings and full honesty,
I refuse to doubt in your words the same.
Honey, you know exactly what happened to me,
So why must I accept some of their blame?

My own many years cowering from every female,
I know why you flinch from the touch of men.
My pleasures too were locked in some psychic jail
Or must I tell you my story all over again?

I am not mad, angry nor am I upset
That you are still so nervous of me.
Yet all your past lies I am asked to forget
While my fears are still running free.

My own heart has been tortured so many times,
So I understand as I once too ran from pain.
Now I only seek assurance with my poor rhymes
You see how I can say “I love you” again.

It is three frightening words told as lies by others|
So when I speak such it must remind you of them.
Such thoughts have you looking for shelter and cover
For fear of reliving those days over and over again.

You know if I ever act as others did towards you
It would be the same as if I destroyed myself.
How my soul was broken gave me the clues
Of why you have placed your heart on a shelf.

So please give us time, please don’t run away.
Don’t count me among those who failed.
I am a man who will not leave you or ever stray
And refuses your passion and love to be jailed.