The Ghost of an Indifferent Heart by Dave Dutton-Fraser

You always found answers to the questions I never asked.
You pleaded for my love but in your heart placed me last.
Even after you deceived me, you were all that I ever wanted.
Strange you’re a ghost in my heart yet I never feel haunted

My love for you has not died, only my lust and desire.
Your transparent lies smothered all my heart’s fire.
It is a strange kind of love, truly a love like no other,
Yet not as I would feel for a sister, an aunt or my mother.

Oh in drunken desperation you would well quell my lust
If I cared as little for my wallet as you did for my trust.
You can’t be my friend and I hope you never date my “brothers”.
Why then when I reminisce are you the first among my lovers?

You truly made an impact on my life, you’re such an epic disaster,
Yet I feel no great need for vengeance or to become your master.
Still it’s folly to hope from my mind and soul you’ve vanished;
You’re a ghost of my heart, but how is that spectre banished?

If you ever call that you need me and I can guarantee that you will,
I will come at your command though I must swallow love’s bitter pill.
And the water I wash down that pill with will also be your sign
That you have been haunted too and I’ll know that ghost is mine.