The Criminal Past by Dave Dutton-Fraser

Writer, Wizard, Former Criminal Mastermind
It was a turbulent world full of violent times
Yet leaving it behind is like casting aside
An unfaithful lover.
It hurts more than it should
As all the pleasures
Despite the pain seem worth
Their presence.

There may have been deceit
And heart rending truths,
Painful to admit and comprehend, yet
There was comfort in their presence.
Love in their words.
Warmth in their touch.

There was money to be gained.
Wealth to be earned,
Squeezed from the souls and pockets
Of those who shared
Our existence.

Addictions were to be toyed with,
Friendships relied upon and yet
All were as false and deceitful.
For each of us held hidden knives
Ready to plunge
Into each other’s backs
At the first sign of some human

How could we ever have loved,
Laughed and romanticized
A past so over filled with
Suspicion and dark emotion?
Perhaps our hearts were filled
With hate and fear born
From darkness?
After all we know in truth
The night was our day.

To leave That World behind
For one where light shines
Should be the simplest of tasks,
Easier than taking
First morning’s breath or
Removing the dirt from
Our feet.

So now why, oh why
Do I feel that leaving
The darkness for the light,
Abandoning those that dwell
In society’s lost shadows
Is the desperate act\
Of a criminal?