The Christmas Tree by Suzy Davies

In The Northern Hemisphere
where winter bites, and is severe
people observe the solstice rites
of decking the boughs
that sparkle bright.

A festive custom people do’s
to celebrate life, that springs anew
with evergreens
of vivid hue,
and fragrant pines
and mistletoe..

All around the Christmas Tree
we gather as a family,
whether related;
family or friends,
our sense of occasion
never ends.

Year after year,
for all our lives
we gather together,
perform the rites –
Pagan or Christian,
in The West
our Christmas trees we love
the best.

A focal point for any room
or in the garden,
its subtle perfume
calms our senses
and stills our minds
as we count back years
of lives entwined.

Copyright, Suzy Davies, 29/11/2016. All Rights Reserved.