Tell a Lie by Suzy Davies

Tell A Lie!

If you tell a lie, then tell a WHOPPER,
make it a MASSIVE gluey GOBSTOPPER!
Don’t cover your mouth, but let it out –
make it FUNNY and CLEVER
so there’s no doubt!

“Of course, your BUTT ain’t big in that,
an’ YEAH, you’re certainly NOT FAT!
An, I think that cut it looks so COOL!”
(wait till they see HER back at school)

Don’t wink or smile, or fidget your feet,
stand quite still, like you own the street.
A little lie’s not worth the trouble –
so think up something, and make it DOUBLE!

“So sorry mate gotta catch this one,
gotta get some shopping for me mum –
see you around – (like HELL I will,)
see ya LA(T)E-R, n we can CHILL!”

If you tell a lie,
first act it out,
in front of the mirror
when NO-ONE’S about.
and THEY’LL believe
and please do not
forget to BREATHE!

“Ain’t seen her for the last couple o’ days,
she was walkin’ around, like, in a daze!
Looked so pale, when I went round ‘ers –
I’M LIKE – she has a temperature!
Mean, I only stopped, twenty minutes –
then I got sick – it’s catchin, INNIT?
Won’t come to class for at least a week.”
(Know she’s a truant – the little SNEAK!)

But don’t try ME
your very best friend
cos lies may be where friendship ends
unless you lie
to save MY SKIN
then I’LL forgive
for Your BIG BAD SIN.

Copyright Suzy Davies, 2018, All Rights Reserved. No Copying