Television by Suzy Davies


If I feel the blues a calling,
and it begins to rain,
I switch on the black button,
and soon I smile, again,
Frasier, his dad, and Daphne,
and Niels amuse me, but,
the thing that makes me laugh the most’s
that naughty little mut.

If I got a kind of wanderlust –
everything’s the same,
the master of all things travellin’s
Anthony Bourdain.
The parts unknown he takes me to
are those I’d never seen.
The montage of his movies
surely are The Stuff of Dreams.

If I’m feelin’ kinda serious
Don Lemon hits the spot,
brings me all the news
at 11, on the clock.
His interviews are erudite
his presentation’s cool,
and his street smarts
mean Don Lemon
is anythin’ but a fool.

If I want a taste of business
now Shark Tank’s a good bunch,
there are hustlers and losers,
and the team have them for lunch.
But when someone steps forward –
their idea’s a money spinner –
the winning sharks take over,
cos they know they got a winner.

Copyright Suzy Davies, 2018. All Rights Reserved.