Reality Altered – Personal Entropy by Dave Dutton Fraser (Over 18)

Reality Altered – Personal Entropy
She hates when it happens, that she shirks from his touch.
She thinks that she loves him but this happens too much.
Those endless excuses have made him think she’s a nut.
She should be his “Angel” but she feels like his “Slut”.

There have been too many men who sated their needs,
Forced her into submission, filled her with their seed.
Once she played along, she thought she made friends
But only found all she made was a need to their ends.

Was her Daddy the first one or maybe her brother?
She was told to keep it a secret, even by her mother.
So she kept it a secret and she carried their shame.
They made it her burden so she shouldered all blame.

She loves him, she needs him but will he stick around
After all her refusals to hear she’s the talk of the town?
Other guys just used her even when she pleaded “No”
No one listens to or believes her so where can she go?

Escape was easy at first, found in a bottle, then in smoke.
Now it’s right in her blood and escape is now a big joke.
She knows he can’t save her, no matter how hard he tried.
His sorrow would surprise her when he hears she has died.