Our Solar World by Evelyn Steward

Our Solar World.

Feel the great orb,
Pulsing warm,
In courtyard gay,
And schoolboy dorm.
Welcome light,
Welcome day,
Earth spins
On axis,
Come what may.

Are we so lucky,
This pleasant ball
Of mud and sand,
From oceans crawl.
Where else,
In this Galaxy,
Does life abound,.
We cannot see?

The search goes on,
For those like us,
Enjoying planet-wide,
A tiny ship
In far flung space,
Searching for
Another alien race.

They try and try,
Imagining plants
And creatures gathering
Sustenance by chance.
We cannot yet
Discover those,
Too large a bet,
I do suppose.

Movies too,
Describe these aliens
To frighten you.
But in reality,
Unless they fold
Space from another
Galaxy bold.

Until such times,
Enjoy the hum,
The life you lead,
Fascinating or humdrum.
Feel the specialty,
Of our world,
Look after the creatures
Take care of the fold.

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. April, 2014 .