Nature Girl by Suzy Davies

Her laugh was like wind-chimes,
her hair, sultry as night,
a cloud on the pillow
when she went to sleep at night.
Her illustrated skin
told of places she had been,
though the ends of this earth
her eyes had never seen.

She took me to waterfalls,
and music was her song,
she skimmed stones on rivers,
and carried me along,
up to the mountains
with views o’er oceans wide,
and down on the beaches,
where the hermit crab abides.

She showed me the forests,
with air as pure can be.
I breathed in the fragrance
of the raindrops on the leaves.
With bluebells in her hair, she was
a nymph of the bowers,
where serene breezes blew
as we passed away the hours.

Her laugh was like wind-chimes,
her eyes, clear as the sky,
and she showed me a vision
of the world, passing by.
And soon I will wander to the places
of my dreams,
and show you magic wonders
that you have never seen.

Her laugh was like wind-chimes …

Copyright Suzy Davies, 2018. All Rights Reserved.