Music Man by Deborah Ray

Music Man

You rocked my heart
you rolled my soul
you gave me wings
then watched me grow.

You’ve accepted me as I am
you’ve encouraged me to dream again.

You held me up firmly
when I was down
you gave me the strength
to solidify my bounds.

You believed in me
when no one else would
you taught me so tenderly
like no other one could.

You showed me how to cut the chains
that had me imprisoned
and poisoned
by my own beliefs in life’s game.

You gave me new vision
for my novel eyes to see
a richer tomorrow
for my loved ones and me.

You gave me new legs
then taught me to walk
you provided me a fresh voice
so I could easily talk.

You’ve erased my aches
you’ve smoothed out my pains
you’ve ironed out all my wrinkles
which allowed me the freedom to change.

You’ve made a huge difference
I thank Our Lord up above
that He sent you to my door
teaching me the right way to love!