Marvels of Manhattan (2018) by Edmund F. Byrne

Marvels of Manhattan (2018)

With all its streets and avenues,
its parks and buildings that rise so high,
it’s hard to understand how such
a mixture of complexities
could ever function well for six
and a half million residents and twice
as many workers who commute,
plus sixty million tourists per year.
But it does – quite marvelously.

And so it did for us throughout
our seventies. Sometimes we flew off
to see some ancient ruins. Sometimes
we’d see a doctor and then report
to Special Surgery or Mt. Sinai.
Of course we much preferred to be
at Lincoln Center, MOMA, or
wherever great art thrives. At times
we’d splurge at a fine restaurant.

Of course as we lived our retiree lives
the borough concerned itself with the
UN, the Rockefeller Group,
JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs,
also Warner Music and CBS,
plus SOHO, Harlem, Central Park
and countless other marvels like
the throng of folks who move about
Grand Central without a touch or bump.

I now live far away but have
TV and film to close the gap.
On a Law and Order franchise show
or even just the PBS news
I may go downtown – or up, as do
the invaders in The Mouse that Roared.
With Holly Golightly I’ll see Tiffany’s
whereas Bernstein’s story goes West Side
while the Rear Window man’s more stay-at-home.
Edmund F. Byrne