It’s Just Me and My Thoughts by Paidamoyo Gerald Manomano

Myself and I thinking my things.
Things that make things happen.
Them things happening and still to happen.
The things I think have taken me a mile.
A mile to think things over.
My thoughts full of things.
Things that I can share.
The things that intoxicates way more than the legalized herb.

Thinking my things because I have things to think.
Things to think and do.
To do things and enjoy things.
To enjoy the things that I have.
I have the things to love.
To love the things that I have.

Thinking my things because they are worth.
They are worth my time and attention.
Attention to all the things I think.
I think these things need sharing.
Sharing the things we have is a blessing.
A blessing it is to think our things.
My things infused with reality.
Reality of things is not to be ignored.
Ignored things tend to be a pain.
Pain of things that were never thought.

Thinking my things to the extent of a physical touch.
Touch not my things with tainted hands.
Hands that have handled foreign things.
Foreign things needs a foreign understanding.
Understanding the things you think is a priority.

Me, Myself and I ‘together’ we love the things we think.