I am a Woman by Parveen Sethi

In my anklets
and my armlets,
in my bangles
and the
bindi I adorn on my forehead,
in my Kohl lined eyes
and in the red rose of
my Jooda,
I carry a part
of you , O my beloved.

I breathe you
in the scents I wear
and drape your memories
within my saaree’s layers.

Enamoured by your
I do ask from you
promise of the moon and stars
but do not be deceived
by my soft demeanour.

On a whim I can bring
the moon down in our
bedroom at night
and can weave stardust
in the poems I write

I can catch the sun set
in my hands and bring
it home for you
And make it rest at our
porch next to you
I can bottle the whole river ,
we sit by fingers entwined
and pour it to you in the
evening as a wine.
I can pluck every single star
from the night
and plant it on your forehead as million kisses alright

I am a woman
and for the one I love
I can make Miracles happen.