Happily Never After by Paidamoyo Gerald Manomano

No one knows the aftermath,
No one cares for the aftermath,
Everyone is busy with the present moment.
Worry not of the morning after,
For today is here to stay.

Sell yourself to the highest bidder,
For the profits are yours to exploit.
Feel free to do the doing,
For the consequences are to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Minding your own business guarantees success,
For you are the only person who can do it better.
Minding your own business is the best thing you can ever do,
For your business is for you to mind!

Enjoy the sun while its dark,
For the light distorts the rays.
Keep it low my friend,
The skies belong to the Eagles.
Tell us not of the world beyond,
For your vision is suspect!

Worry not about karma,
For this world belongs to the ruthless and pretenders.
Crush them with your selfishness,
For no one cares to listen to their wailings!
Fear not of karma,
None of us is here for the long haul.

Keep your hands firmly on yesterday,
And see if today cares.
Don’t talk of tomorrow,
Today is still happening.

Open your nostrils and get intoxicated by the caffeine,
For happily ever after is for day dreamers!