For my Readers by Dave Dutton-Fraser

Once again the world has turned
And I am amazed I have survived
But it seems in facing the darkness
I know where I have arrived.

After journeying through all the pain
And facing all myriad of fears,
I hear your words of complement
Through a rain of my own tears.

I wish I could meet every one of you
And shake hands or hold you close,
To thank each heart that held me up
When I was down and so then arose.

No one is immortal, the world keeps turning,
And to say we have time to meet is a lie.
Meetings that time make impossible
Sadly do not do the same to “Goodbyes”.

So if the world turns and seems against you
Just remember how that moon shines bright.
For it points out that even in darkness
There is a goddess that gives us light.

So whether we ever meet face to face
Or you are already a longtime friend,
I tell you when ever the world turns
It is towards a new day, not an end.