Finally Free by Deborah Ray

It’s just so sad you had to go
you’re finally free from the pain you’ve known.
You’re free to laugh, you’re free to play
you can frolic and jumprope everyday!

You’re free to wear your “golden wings”
that will keep us tied to your “angel- heart strings”.
You’ve always loved to sing real loud
I can’t wait to hear your voice in heaven’s concert halls.

I’ll look for you in the neighborhood’s backyards,
through the trees, the wind, and on the ground
I’ll know that you are present
when I encounter the peculiar and profound.

I’ll notice the bright autumn colors
the crisp sound from the crackling leaves
the melody that the birds are all singing
as the squirrels race up through sparse trees.

I’ll watch for you during each winter’s snowfall
as we make “snow-angels” on the ground
we’ll catch your kisses on our faces
as we lay in the snow you watched God send us down.

In spring we’ll notice the brilliant colors
of the flowers
in our hearts we’ll know God sent them from you
we’ll watch the buds pop out of the branches
while noticing the fragrance of the sweet spring dew.

In summer we’ll bask in the sunshine
some place we know was a favorite for you
we’ll have picnics, parties and birthdays
all the things that only you used to do.

I know you’ve faced this horrible Cancer challenge
I’m sure you expect us to meet our challenges and do the same
remembering to be good to one another with love and forgiveness. . .
until we all meet up in heaven again!