A Selection of Poems by Joan Faulkner

Blossoms of Magic

Like the Hibiscus you appear
A smile on a rainy day
Beauty to chase the blues away.
Suddenly deep inside I fear
As the delicate blossoms fade
So must a friendship made
Leaving only an acquaintance near.

Then through a miracle in the night
A new bloom is reborn
A tenderness without scorn
Until the tears veil my sight.
A pillow is all that is left
Where once lad your chest
I awaken to a lonely fright.

Whatever your reasons for sharing
Your kind acts and deeds
Thoughtfulness for my needs
Magic reflections of the Biblical Rose of Sharon.

By Joan Faulkner
From Poetic Voices of America Summer 1997

The Key

Come dream with me………

As I relive this day
Rainbows, raindrops
None to stay

Come to the Manasota Key
And sit neath the stary sky
Sea breezes, surf music
Never ask why

Come tiptoe through the warm sand
And marvel at the sight
Bulky masses, fertile tasks
Turtles nesting at night

Come sip with me
As I bask in the morning sun
Wild herons, black birds
Tamed by the hand of one

By Joan Faulkner

Love has no Definition

Love has no definition
On paper, marble or stone.
Even God’s Great Ten Commandments
Fail to teach that which is born.

I know now that which is born in me,
Not created, shaped or formed;
But with the beauty of an inborn baby’s love
And the pain of the birthing scorn.

The love I feel for you, my dear,
Is not a premonition.
I know no words to speak to you.
Love has no definition.

By Joan Faulkner
From Poetic Voices of America 1989

I Beg of You

Peace, peace, wherever you are
Please return. Soften the scar.

From my porch atop a Kentucky Hill
I view the serene valley below
Where once my life, peaceful and tranquil
Softly pampered me, until now I know
The turmoil found with lambing sheep
And the agony of preventing sleep.

Across the path a robin feeds
While sparrows flutter through the branches
A nervous squirrel robs the seeds
While a country boy takes his chances
And dares to dream o city lights
Remembering one lost country night.

Fretful, agonizing, leaving, returning,
I walk across the path.
Revengeful hate and lustful yearning
I spit upon the grass
And remember you in perfumed lace
Exhausted, laying face to face.

Peace, peace, wherever you are
Please return. Soften the scar.

By Joan Faulkner
Published in ‘Memories’ Edited by Deborah Case & Sharon Derderian. 1993